Positioning in the digital world


Hello everyone today I am going to cover positioning in digital marketing. So how does one company act unique on the internet with so many companies doing the same thing? Well  the first topic of discussion is to be different a brand must position itself different to the section of the market in which it exists! thus creating its own unique identity within the marketplace. for the first section of my blog I want to refer my readers to this link below http://blog.ecornell.com/how-to-write-market-positioning-statements/ This is a concise article on how to write a positioning statement written by Doug Stayman. The article  implies that a positioning statement should be a concise description of a target market and how the market perceives the brand. So since positioning has much to do with the customers. I will discuss being a popular brand, understanding positioning from your customers perspective, branding versus positioning, Accessing customer or business networks, and lastly 

The first section of this blog is reputation. The biggest intangible asset to a company should be the reputation the company has either for a good product, good service, or good customer service. According to this article written by Jason Bowan where he talks more about positioning as an individual digital marketer.  http://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/positioning-yourself-expert-digital-marketing

“Your reputation can highly influence people to believe in your marketing solutions and services.” The same goes for other product or service related companies as well. The reputation of the company can determine the positioning on the market. This article also goes with a theory that can be generalized saying the key for most brands is to become popular. If the brand can become popular either that an audience is attracted to hear what is to be said or through purchase success than it is more likely to generate a positive position in the market.

http://www.smartinsights.com/online-brand-strategy/brand-positioning/brand-social-media-voice/ This is an article written by the username to this website Expert Commentator. It is suggested that each brand should go through its own brand audit process! The reason for this because to understand the position that a brand has in the current marketplace it has to do some crowd sourcing. If a brand is already popular than this shouldn’t be hard. In this area an agency wants to try searching for mentions of the brand from consumers on popular social media. This will determine what is already thought about the brand by the current consumers. Then generate common information which can be used to understand the brand’s position in the marketplace at the current time. Which can then be used to write what is known as a positioning statement.


The recognition of a company based on reputation versus a brand. According to http://www.pragmaticmarketing.com//resources/branding-and-positioning?p=2 Which is written by Lawson Abinanti he says “I’ve never heard an agency representative use companies like Cognos, Business Objects, Oracle or even Microsoft as examples of established brands. At best, they confuse brand recognition with sheer, brute-force name recognition.” This quote means that the reputation these companies already have has outweighed the need for a highly recognizable brand. So to make the difference of branding and positioning clear on digital media. The positioning has more to do with how a product or service has been received to the market. Where as to brand is to just assign a name or a slogan to it on the social media. However the two do run very close together so in this blog the reader will see that to talk about positioning I will refer to a brand’s positioning.

http://www.bettiblue.com/free-tools-for-identify-social-media-influencers/ This is an article written by Irina Kalonatchi. She writes that “Social media influencers have become new channels of information and new web publishers or content curators. Knowing that their leadership is largely dependent on the quality and value of how they engage, they deserve special attention.” in an article about Social Media management for Business to business.  This could simply be referring to even just a business just sharing that they just enjoyed the product or service related to the brand. But having experiences or curated content for a brand is essential to a positive positioning on the market. The point here being that every business has contacts and often the trick to surviving with a business that serves other businesses is to do really well with a business with a lot of contacts so that the business can share that information and possibly attract new clients. Just like customer to business curation the business can access the power of the network of relationships for a consumer just as much as it could access the network of relationships for the company. Based on this it is apparent to see the importance of customer networks to a brand.

According to this article http://suvonni.com/brand-positioning-in-the-digital-age/

This was written by Suvonni consulting services. “Brand positioning is at the heart of a solid brand strategy and should be the guiding element for shaping the experiences that your customers have with your brand.“ This was an article about increasing the importance of your brand. It is said that your brand positioning identifies simply how a brand meets the needs, wants or desires of the consumers. So does the brand meet the customers with high quality? Does it meet the customers with efficiency or is it more of the friendly feel of the service that wins over the consumer. Either way this is the heart of how the company is positioned in the market segment it exists in. So for an E-commerce business like Amazon it is probably safe to say that it is the E-commerce store with the widest selection of available products to consumers. That would be that brand’s reputation to consumers. This is the message that they may try and convey through promotion or marketing because it is true to the positioning which makes it the core to a strategy for brand development.

To conclude this is my understanding of positioning in the digital media market.  In this blog I discussed being a popular brand which could involve successful purchase stories or putting out good content, understanding positioning from your customers perspective which involves doing research and crowd sourcing, branding versus positioning which is what is the reputation that was paid to be put on the business versus how do the consumers actually perceive the business, Accessing customer or business networks which can involve sharing success stories or recommendations, and lastly how brand positioning is the heart of any solid brand strategy.

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